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Thursday, May 06, 2010

happy 20th birthday nick

wifey with her awesome red' do.

339 am
just came back from poker, nick's birthday dinner @ 2chefs? (Thanks Hosan!)
google failed me, dudu king.
butterporks was goooood.
i was stuffed but now im hungry again.

woke up early to take nick out to brunch
Rider's cafe at bukit timah
concluded that im better off with cheap foodz @ 85
i cannot spear chicken wings, and that place.. everyone Stares.
it's freaky.
the meal cost me a bomb and i never even order main dish. hahaha
i went there for brunch cause HUNGRYGOWHERE told me have.
kena scammed.
had the biggest chocolate cake with rum ice cream in the world.
almost died. think nick died a little.
we all had our shit moments after that, pun intended. meaning directed.
but neh mind, nicky happy i happy.
weather was crazy erratic.
rained stopped huge downpour sunshine.
rich people, weird weather.
so back to the chicken wings, i tried, i really tried spearing the chicken wing as gently and as demure as i could on the tiny palm size plate they gave me.
forget it, i gave up and used my paws.
the girl beside me kept staring. i think she and her boyfriend are sniggering at me.
i never appreciate 85 so much.
i dont think ill ever go back there again unless i become sibei successful and rich.. which chances are 90% tt i prolly wont so byebye rider's cafe, so long goodbye.

sorry for my bad review, maybe im just biased and jealous cause im not rich, cannot afford to eat there hahaha
the food's really good so go if you got the extra cash!

i also went there to see the horses and i felt so bad and guilty cause we only saw one and well, it hardly counted. the horrible weather contributed to the lack of horses and mega whiffs of horse shit, oops sorry, manure. haha

innyhoo, im gg to read finish my john grisham novel now.
hope you had fun nicky!
we all love you, especially me.
im so tired. goodnight everybody have a safe weekend and DONT FORGET MOTHER'S DAY.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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