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Sunday, May 02, 2010

roy's 21st and royston's little 'party'


Last night, against a brick wall @ some sleazy pub in katong with royston and his friends.
freeflow of beer, epic epic epic moment when nick the alcoholic said, " IM GG TO PUKE!" and split second after the word, 'puke', a torrent of vomit spewed out of his nicklion fountain of puke all over the car (poor sod whoever stupid swey and park outside there) and on the floor right next to my trembling body HAHAHAHAHAHAHA omg royston and i almost died laughing. shit i cannot stop laughing hahahahahaha.

was at roy's 21st birthday party before that
lost 5 bucks in poker.
chia lak, i have only ten dollars to my name if you kill me right now, 10 dollars is all you get.
audrey was there! it's been ages, caught up and then wifey came with tim =)
left soon after to meet royston and his friend.

eventful night but i was pretty much in a zone by myself until i witnessed nick's epic puke moment and he wasnt even high hahaha times like these.

gona miss the zouk flea. no money go there only can lao nua must well dont go.
oh well have a happy safe sunday.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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