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Sunday, May 23, 2010


day 4 saturday, FLEA @ fashion bazaar
doubt i will be signing up with those organizers again.
such poor response, my worst flea ever.
but best friends in the world, thanks pris tab justin zer and loren for coming down and of course, thank you nicky dear for sending me to and fro and poor thing, kena fine. fucking parking is crazy.
1 dollar per 30 minutes. i reached there at 11 plus and we left at 7 plus. you count how much..

oh and there was this girl who had the same dress as me, she ambushed me in the toilet when i was alone, asked me where i got it from, i told her it was from some thai designer in bangkok and i asked her about hers, she say , " BUGIS STREET"
then she added me on facebook on the spot and then when i was leaving the flea, she told me to take a picture with her.
we were all a little creeped out.

down to siglap for din @ beer garden
we bought cartons and cartons of beer and everyone headed over to nick's to play beer pong which is seriously damn fun. then charades and stuff

its' day 5 and im heading to video Ezy to return merlin.
cant wait to get the mbmj ring tmr

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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