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Saturday, May 29, 2010


dyed my hair dark dark dark today with my mum
went to cornerstone with nick
first time as a couple in church. that thought just occured to me.
caught the blind sight, pretty good film.
din @ tamp one
nize macha tea @ tea dot.

yumz i feel sick.
too much macha going on.

few photos of nick's graduation and a cuppa of days back when nick justin and i went to the cheesecake cafe @ siglap
whooping 7plus bucks for a slice of cheesecake
but so worth it cause it was damn awesome
thanks justin for the treat!

they have this silly mean policy though, EVERY CUSTOMER who sits down has to buy something.
greedy lil pigs!
but its a definite must try.
fucking awesome cheesecake. super shiok.
best in the world, i no kid you.

oh and did my nails with bestie
fav so far
i nu rave enough for you notzzz hahaha

somehow the colours seem more vivid in my fb pictures, and of course, in reality.
i was being a total bimbo about the nails the whole day
everyone couldnt stand me =(

im tired. aye booked a hotel room in sentosa tonight.
wish we went but parking would be mad cr8zy and drink driving is a nono,kids.
goodnight everyone.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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