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Sunday, July 25, 2010

and we will never ever ever be apart


i had a pretty fun weekend with nicky.
friday was spent working at SOFT then lingering around pasir ris before picking him in his army gear. saw ben, chanel's bf and it was pretty hilarious. the realization that nick sits almost beside ben and vice versa but both didnt know that the other was their gf's good friend.
the world is a pea-pod!

oh and before that i went to the library to get some books and after 8 years i decided to pay my $11.40 fine hahahahahahaha and i realized at the tender age of 12 i was reading a book called necking with louise wtf is wrong with me then hahaha or maybe some chick used my card and never return the book, that bitch... Haha.

so after picking him up, we had dinz at home then rested awhile before heading over to Zouk to meet his army friends.
at first i was really apprehensive about going and felt =( cause
1. i fucking hate zouk for all the bad experiences i have had so far.
2. i already clubbed last week and i dont fancy doing it two weeks in a row.
3. i really wanted to catch inception but tickets were sold out on friday EVERYWHERE.
4. i never saw myself as the type of gf to tag along with my bf's army friends and i didnt feel like conforming to that.

But nick wanted me to meet his friends and this weekend was a pretty important one to us cause we had to try and make it work again, for all the spark thats dimming in our relationship, got to find a way to get it back.
and lets just say, even though i was in a sea of 9 army boys including nick, i had a ball of a time and i felt like their 'bro'. lol
really nice guys and the ah lian in me totally owned their asses in five ten.

so zouk was fun, sui came and i asked her to join us
saw eunice and jacelle. yakked a little (pun intended)
eunice was really nice and everything. had fun mingling with them for a little while outside.

went home ard 4ish
then got up early the next day to head to the

i never thought i would go to the zoo again after a few years ago with the ngee ann dvfx people.
i think we were brought there to select and draw an animal, am i right nette and nel?
lol anyway the zoo this time, was a totally different xperience for me and i enjoyed every single second of it.

i spent the best most worth it $5 in the world.
omfg my life as i know it, is pretty much complete.

and then there was the star shelled tortoise which i was very fascinated by, the ponies, horses, FUCKING GINORMOUS Crocodile which left EVERYONE in awe and the splash show with sea lion fucking made my day i was beaming like a kid with candy.
i was a tad grouchy though when we went to see the white tigers feeding session and ccb i was too short to see shit andi wanted to cry cause that was the first highlights to go see and nick kept saying i was damn aunty cause i keep rushing him to walk faster to go see the white tiger in the end i sat on a beam and woo hoo, saw pretty much the whole session.

oh yeah and we were so lucky cause we were queuing for the tickets, i decided to wander off and this couple approached me and asked if we wanted to go in with them. they got membership. so we just pay them $10/ticket. (zoo prices are fixed at 18/ticket)
wa can save $16 WAI THE HELL NOT. hehehe so we pretended to be the couple's friends, even take picture tgt all. then after we got in, pay them the $20 hahaha. singaporeans are so shrewd.

a few peektures from the berry cause my dslr pictures cant be uploaded unless i get a new card reader. =(

spent the whole day at the zoo and then we went back to rest and then went for dinner.
boys and their driving =x buay tahan.
this guy was tail-gateing (gating?TAILGATEING?tailgating?) nick so close that we couldnt even see the car from the mirror at the side. (omg im so bad at car terms)
so speed demon nick du lan went up to 120 to try and throw that fucker off. and he missed the turn so we ended up at airport area ecp then pris's house.
boys and their hot hot temper when it comes to driving.
i dont like fast cars they scare the hell out of me.

so that little detour cost us around 15-20 mins and i was Starrrrving by then.
went to momoya, had an awesome jap buffet even though we didnt eat that much.
went back, watched more videos of animals fighting and then with an exhausted mind + body, we went to ehub to catch inception which was pretty good albeit the mindfucking ending.
wished i watched it before i got influenced by everyone who kept ranting on about how damn good inception was on twitter and facebook. by the time i walked in the theatre, my expectations were SO high that the ending just made me angry =(
but then again im easily angry just like how some stupid girl i shall write her name here if im damn mean enough ,backed out on a deal with me. im gg to leave a negative feedback, you all wait for it.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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