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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

angry again

today was a very unsettling day for me.
for reasons i shall not disclose, i might fail the medical examination which = no tigerairway job.
if i pass it, i get the job since i passed the interview and everything but because of the medical, i might not.
thats one of the major downers for today.

2nd major downer of the day,
my mother lost her phone.
im really angry and feel very very angry for her.
some stupid nokia phone.
i seriously rather lose my blackberry than to see her like that.
all my dad's photos are inside. we got no hard copy.
everything like that gone, she doesnt care about the phone
just the pictures.
fucking thief with the blackest of heart.
she's so sad and frustrated and i have not much photos of my dad and her tgt.
and even if i do, they are all of her and him lying on the hospital bed.
motherfucker, fucking nokia phone also want.
i really hate people like that.
plus today's the last day of my father's 'roaming around the earth' (my mum believes in it, who am i to criticize?) so ccb the pictures mean even more to her. fucking swey.

happy note of today,
i got an express mani + pedi for $10 only
4 for hands and 6 for feet
i have shocking turqoise and hot pink nails now.
goodness, im such a typical girl.
what happened to me this year.... =(

anyway i still cant get over the phone and the medical checkup.
really very upset angry and moody
aiya but whats new, i everyday also feel like that.

oh and major downer today
2 days and fucking asos hasnt sent mark the confirmation orders, and plus some of our items went oos, i wonder whose.
with my luck, sure mine.
but i also dont want anyone else to kena also.

wa lau, really very angry with the world today.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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