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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Couldnt stop thinking bout you today

313 am
just got back from a l8 night movie @ ehub with zer and ben
the sorcerer's apprentice.
cant decide if i liked the show or hated it.
graphics were fawesome but thought the whole script was pretty lame and cliche.

this weekend, we will have a bbq and maybe another round of clubbing(WHAT I HAVE TURNED TO, GAB YOU WANA COME? PLZ SAY YES.)
i cant help myself, i want and need to see the new dbl O. haha i saw the website just now, it looks kind of artsy fartsy now. as compared to sleazy, armyboys-flooded place.
dbl 0 scares me, with all the $3 drinks i've never walked out of there completely sober before.
the drinks are still three dollars.
its so cheap, its obscene.

pity zer and wifey are underaged..
its fucking funny and lame how one year can make such a big difference.
but i really wana go with zer since she told me about the whole revamped place.
btw she got a pair of wedges from topshop today, a whooping $156 but she looks totally gorgeous in it hehehe. zer ah zer if only you can wear it to dbl 0 hahaha but im sure she will manage to find a way to get in. she always do hehe.

i had a gr8 day in town for dinz with her just now then ben came later and the monster had 5 cups of tartar sauce. im praying for his arteries tonight.

getting my pay v v v v soon
UO, wo lai liao.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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