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Thursday, July 15, 2010

i miss us.

it's always the same ending with one heart holding on and one heart letting go.
read it on someone's facebook status last night but i cant remember who wrote that, sorry.
tell me and ill credit you. i paraphased it alot. im sorry!

im heading to work soon, starts at 4-10
im pretty excited cause a cuppa of friends said they might come down to say hai
its making me super duper excited.
i really love this job. i wished i had it 9 months ago so i wouldnt have spend the 9 months bumming around. nothing beats sitting down there on your little 'throne' watching all the minions walk pass.. HAHAHAHA I KID. im actually super and over-friendly k, i smile at everyone who walks past even when they are not looking at me. lol. im such a dweeb.

i spent the first day of work playing deejay to myself.
fucking blackberry sucks i really want to throw it away and go back to using my iphone.
fucking thing hangs on me like mad. everyday at least hang 3x.
wrote letters and thoughts on pen and paper and just sat there daydreaming when there are no customers. i predict this will be day 2 of what happened on day 1.
im gg off to bathe now, come support me at pasir ris 4-10 today downtown east opp cheers hahahaha SOFT should pay me for my daily advertising lolol.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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