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Thursday, July 29, 2010

you are proof that i exist solely for you.

guess what, nick just texted me like 10 mins ago
"hahahaha i saw calvin."
its not a decent feeling, having your ex bf of 1 year and current one of 21 months to be in the same army camp. i feel wonky. haha.

so innyhoo, i had a really good day with bestie and mark jamie tan
woke up with mixed emotions when i saw mark's text, "..SOMETHING AWESOME CAME IN THE MAIL." (OFUCKYEABABY) and my boss's text, "hi you need to for typhoid injection." (KNN)

my bimbotic best friend who was so lazy, called a cab and fetched me to simei so we walked all the way to mark's place in her spanking awesome boots and my catcat havis.
fucking hell, mark's house is HUUUUUUGE.
pris and i were
the asos items are fawesome, im so happy!
but pris and i, sigh we lost interest like snap just like that, immediately after we saw it.
"now got nothing to look forward to anymore"
we are gg to whack UO on monday.

so we hauled our stuff back to simei starbucks and mark jamie tan came along
sat there for a good few hours before JAMIE left first then bestie accompanied me while i did my nails, which im sorry if i sound like im bragging but they are the most fucking awesome radical yum yum nom nom nails in the world.

so glittery and shiny and pink, i sound like a retard but no, seriously the OPI latest designer collection is beyond breathtaking (wifey, im forcing you to go and get your nails done ASAP) im gg to buy the two colours i used today.
srsly, pictures do not justify the awesomeness of my awesome nails. i must have what snapped a 100 over?(im not kidding) photos of my new nails and i bet all my friends on twitter h8 me now =(

my nails are really awesome guys, i feel like ringing my friends up to meet me just so i can wave my fingers at them lolol im a g33kz.
working the early morning shift tmr, nicky's only booking out at 8pm wtf so late.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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