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Monday, July 19, 2010


"we're not the same dear as we used to be
the seasons have changed and so have we."
okay, so its either Zouk or its clubbing in general
because i have ZERO good experiences at that stupid place.
the last time i clubbed, that was on my birthday in april at PHUTURE and we all knew how that turned out.
nvm, fast forward it to ming's birthday two nights ago.
im too lazy to explain it here but basically a fight broke out, i placed myself in between soon ming and NO.1 FUCKER IN THE WORLD to prevent that fucker from touching ming cause i knew he was going to beat him and CCB SHERLYN WONG KENA SLAPPED AND PUSHED AROUND.
seriously, your mother father whole family all die i hope you get herpes butt-raped and die of dengue fever along with all-in-one sex diseases. MOTHERFUCKER.
no guy should ever fucking touch a girl. im really very du lan.
AFTER THAT CCB VIKRAM GOT PUNCHED AND HIS WHOLE NOSE WAS CUT AND HIS EYES SWOLLEN AND HE WAS BLEEDING AND NICK WENT OVER TO PROTECT HIM AND GOT PUNCHED AND KICKED. i dont know why the hell nick didnt fight back, fucking army only know how to teach him to protect, the nick i knew will fight the living hell out of any fucker who touch him me or his friends. fuck army.
NVM, vikram lost his phone in the fight. idk if gabby or ming took a big hit but i hope they are okay. bouncers all come, all went outside. FUCKER CAME AND YELLED AT ME, "CCB FUCK U LAH" and ran away.
i really hope that fucker die a horrible death.
my beautiful wedges, worn 1x got destroyed by rain and gawd knows what
have to walk on the fucking pavement with my toes peeping out (a funny sight but i dont feel funny at all)
i woke up with a tiny cut/bruise/abrasion? on my eye area.
im really mad mad mad mad mad.
best part is i know one of the guy from the fucker's clique, that cb's on my facebook, got 15 friends in common. no you dont even try to fucking run away k. come and talk me on facebook ask me if im okay say sorry for what happened the moment i ask for compensation for vikram's phone and cb, my face, he go offline. HE WORKS AT TAMP ONE EACH A CUP. you all go find him, help me okay. i du lan.

what a horrible blog entry im so angry i cant even think properly.
i was srsly having damn good fun before the stupid fight started.
we had a table and everything and it was all fun and silly then fucking hell, motherfucker who had to pick a fight and finish it.
fucking cunt fucking flaccid dick.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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