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Monday, August 23, 2010


i had one of the best weekends with nick
it was really simple, caught two movies, stayed in a lot to rest and play boxhead
impromptu plan to switch gg georges to playing pool instead.
my first time playing pool with him. =)
i didnt know pool's so fucking expensive
we were there for less than 2 hours and it was $15.20
what a ripoff!!
innyhoo,he's way better than me.

rushed back from work on friday
was so excited for his bookout.
it was a really good weekend, where we had 2 movie combos 2 giant drinks with popcorn and his fav nachos and we barely ate 1/4 of the popcorn tsk, there was even ben and jerry icecream yum yumz.

but im typing this and its monday and he's having his field camp this week
which means i wont see him till sat night probably and then he has to go in again on sunday
which really fucking sucks but to add on to the suckfuck factor, he cannot use his

so this is day 1 and already, i feel like 10 days have gone by and seriously, plus the whole drag my feet to work every 9-6pm routine, it's seriously getting old and im tired as hell.
i look forward to rushing back to lying on the bed everyday after work, with cupnoodles and green tea and skins, i feel like its fucking bliss.
after 5 hours of lying in bed, its 11 pm now and Gawd, time for me to sleep so i wont be so fucking sleepy like how i was today.
tmr, we are gg to attend a lecture on SECURITY. for 9 fucking hours, we are gg to sit there and learn about security..
fuck it im gg to wear a maxi dress and nude blazer and flats tmr, fuck formal wear im sick of it.
o help me o halp its only day one.
5 more days without you. hang in there, sher.

and on a sidenote but vvvv impt sidenote, i fucking miss my friends.
i miss pris i miss zer i miss phy i miss gab
but im too tired to club, too lazy and ugly like hell in my formal wear to go out after work at 6
all i want is the bed + dinner + sleep im a sod a fucking pig.
what has become of me..
i keep buying new clothes online, for what, for fuck. i dont even wear them anyway.
i dont get to wear them anyway.
sigh, anyhow, i updated
have fun, go wild.

back to last ep of skins and im scooting off to bed. sigh.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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