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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

day 2

(photos from serene's awesome 21st birthday party at ayes' cb beautiful $30 million dollar house hahaha look at the fucking size of the place.)

hai, im fucking shagged.
i cant believe its day two only. i have six weeks more.
i have to mindfuck myself like mad to push through the day.
i am constantly tweeting and spamming nicky's phone in the day.(even if he cant read it)
i think i hit a record high of 15 texts (Without ever getting a reply)
he told me he cant talk till 11pm today =( something about having to shoot webbits with real bullets.
no bunz-bulletz baby! poor wee furry lil webbits. =(

anyway, im having my first fam flight on thursday.
i wonder where we will be flying to, im pretty excited about it.
after 2 days of theory, im pretty sick of having my ass chained to the chair.

i feel really blessed though that i stay so near to Temasek poly and everything is in the east
so transport's not that much of a bitch. and i can get home early and even if i decide to cab it wont exceed 10 bucks like how i cabbed to and fro today to TP because motherfucking makeup routine took me 30 mins and i still wasnt done.
i fucking h8 wearing red lipstick and false eyelashes. i look like a skank + the whole red nails.
and i havent tied my hair up since secondary school which was about 4 years ago so this morning, my neck felt really really nekkid. =( sher-chu no like changes.

btw, i just want to say i have the best mother in the whole wide world and i love her so much.
she has been the bestest and most supportive.
accompanied me to do my nails (btw, i am stuck with red polish for a year, goodbye my fav french mani and colourfulwildnailz) brought me out to din and paid for all the stupid expensive but necessary make-up.
i am seriously very very blessed.

this is a period of change for me but more than ever, i realize how much i love my mum and my friends and most of all, how i am more certain than ever, my love for nicky.
i miss my boy, fucking wish it was friday already.

have a good 3 more days to weekend-freedom kitties!!!!

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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