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Friday, August 13, 2010

good times for a change

hi, i received the best surprise in the world while on my last day at SOFT.(thursday)
nicky the recruit surprised me by booking out a day earlier!!!!!!
i was counting the money and looking down when suddenly i heard, "excuse me, are you guys still open?" and i looked up to his grinning face in civilian clothes looking so clean and handsome!
fucking epic, best best surprise.
totally made my day.

plus my awesome awesome friends who came, thanks wifey for coming down and your famous amos cookie!!!! plus gabby hehehe who dropped a bomb on me and then chanel!
had din with nel in the cafe and she was gg to meet her bf, ben who's in the same company as nick
and i was lamenting how nicky cannot come out until friday but ben can and i was so envious but so happy for her and then omg, the surprise.
i was blown away!
this feelings beats a hundred topshop dresses.
and i am perfectly serious.
i couldnt stop beaming to myself.

still, it was a sad day cause it really after all, is my last day at SOFT.
i even had a picture taken with my fav regular customers, the cutest couple i've ever seen.
nabil and siti!

so str8 after work when nick picked me up =), we went back to bathe and stuff then rushed down to georges to meet dear wifey

had a blast of a time and we had a conversation (real deep s
tuff) with a 55 year old guy who coincidentally is my netball senior's father. wow.

this weekend, nick and i spent a bomb on food + alchohol
we seriously ate like pigs, especially me.
went to wavehouse sentosa to pig out on pizza burgers and fucking expensive $6 coke which we didnt know and stupidly ordered two.
played the luge twice, nick's first time and haha we spent more time queueing up than playing it. waraku, ecp for dinz when we couldnt find fucking jumbo, (there's a jumbo @ east coast right? WHY I ONLY CAN FIND LONG BEACH) and today we had my fav sukiyaki buffet,shabu shabu, then down to ministry of food for dessert.
seriously fucking fat shitz who eat so much.

clubbed twice consecutively on friday and saturday with almost the same grp of people
had a really good time on friday except gabby went back earlier and we all miss him =(
sat was with z, nick ming and his army friends.
pretty fun and zouk closed at 5am WHICH CLUB CLOSES AT FIVE YOU TELL ME.

really really spent way too much money recently
especially on food and clubbing.
but it was a great weekend, and i really really appreciate the fact that Z, gabby and ming went to club with me just cause i was gona start work on monday.
friends like that are far and few, really appreciate it guys. =) love you all.

and of course dear nick my hero who spent the whole of today helping me run my errands. drove me all the way to kallang dunno where to get my uniform but place was closed then drove me all the way to meet my 2 different buyers at their houses. then all the way to the training center which is fucking far i want to cry and he helped me plot out the route and we drove past over and over to make sure i wont get lost tmr, i really really appreciate it. today was great, but nick we are fucking fat, especially me so next week, we are going subway 24/7 ok. he's back in camp now and i miss him already. cried like a baby when he left just now. what's wrong with me. just cause he got an extra book out surprise , and just like that im back to thinking he's not in army and it sure felt like last time where we had no care in the world and just went out everyday. =(
but he's in now and i miss him terribly.

tmr marks my first day as a working adult for the next 1-3? years. im nervous like fuck and ccb i have to wake up at 7 sigh. 2 months sher. 60 days. 60 days of 9-6pm. i can do it.
gawd i feel so moody now.

hmm, anyway, just updated

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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