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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

i have found my independence, my equibilirum. who am i kidding

what a strange day, today seems.
my unquiet heart can not seem to be at peace with my current situation.
i keep thinking back about the 2nd film i watched last night, "Elegy"
which moved me to no end. such a beautiful film, and all that raging fast dialogue.
i finally found the script!
i couldnt get the sufficient quotes i wanted off google but somehow i managed to memorize quite a bit of the dialogue and wow, some nice person actually typed out the entire script via play by ear/sight from the movie.
i read every single word.
please go and watch the movie, elegy if you have the time, and 'Remember me'.

got to work at Soft later.
sucks that i cant go support wifey, everyone go down to TP at 7pm to support phy kay!
gona go bathe and spend my quiet time alone now.

tomorrow, i am signing my freedom away.
haha im so melodramatic but no seriously(with much joy from my mother), i am going to finally grow up, join the adult world but im not ready for it. Neither do i want to. but i need to find a job, got to be thankful, grateful, suck it up and do something with my life.
hello, tiger airways, i am all yours now.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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