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Friday, August 06, 2010

No one really wins this time

it's a poetic heartache, one which i can experience over and over again for millions of reasons and the funny thing is the millions of reasons are actually the one same single reason-
i believe in you. i believe in us. doesnt the word believe look so ugly if you stare at it long enough to dissect the letters. be - lieve. so ugly.

As of lately, i fill up the hole in me with shameless shopping, secret singing in the showers, taking delight in going to Sephora and spending 3 hours straight with my mum smelling touching everything and walking out feeling clean and squeaky but still, the heart's empty.and so is the pocket.
so anyway, i officially got the tiger airway job and as thankful as i am for having gotten a real full time (my first, actually) job, a huge part of me doesnt want to be stuck in the constant limbo, flying to and fro with my heart lost somewhere on a little red dot i will forever call home. i want a job where i can be surrounded with pretty things, all silk and lace and satin and travel stories. with books and brown paper and a pen ever ready at my side so i can just scribble and write my heart out in secret invisible lemon ink and none will be the wiser. wouldnt that be a perfect job. to busy yourself with things you love and yet your friends and loved ones are just a phone call/text/bbm away and not a whole plane ride apart. Plus point is 5 of my family/friends get to travel for free?discounted?tickets and confirmed seats while i get free unlimited tickets yay. this is the best time for KIX dont you think. haha. well, im feeling slightly positive today and since i cannot blog about all the pent up frustration and disappointment in me, i am going to read a book to feel better now. Goodbye!

oh and i have to blog about what han lin tweeted to me, i never laughed that much that entire night. she has such a way with words haha my dear linlin. so damn adorable.
"chio bu,your dress stunning siao. tonight cfm u in danger!!"

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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