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Wednesday, September 01, 2010


There's the issue of my gorgeous lucyd acyd nude blazer which i paid for on sunday.
some condition issue and now i have to w8 till october 2nd week? to collect.
mind you. this is the 1st day of september. nvm, good things must wait. it looks fucking gorgeous in the photos. i hope the wait is worth it. 1 month and 2 weeks! =(

then there's the issue of exams, but nvm 2 more days of exams and i got the weekend to rest and prep up for the next week of exams. haha i am so whiney, life is such a drag these days.

next week will be better i hope?
actually, no wait. i dont even have to look forward to next week of sept, if i fail my exam tmr, i just got to fail one out of 15 equipments, just one and thats it, i dont need to come back already and then the amt of xxxx i have to pay them. can you see how fucking stressed i am. my head is on the chopping block, i am a squealing chicken. clack. clack.

tmr, 2nd of sept, i come back with either good/bad news.
i hope the latter never ever happens cause that means K.O. sher. you wasted the past 3 weeks of your life slogging for something you didnt get, and my poor mother has to fork out xxxx just cause i fucked up or am just naturally stupid.

wai oh wai am i even blogging?
its already 915 pm.
time to mug.

i really hope september is a promising month. it's trying, i know, and tiring but i have invested a lot and so have my mum and friends for their constant encouragement. this job sucked away time with my friends, i havent seen zer and gab since the last time we clubbed which was weeks and weeks and weeks ago. i absolutely cannot fucking wait to let my hair down, as messy as i like, wear fucking skimpy (Haha) or my trusty havis and shorts, and go shopping in the day and drinks in the night. feast with best friend over and over again..oh my gawd. i can taste the weekend already....


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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