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Sunday, September 19, 2010

if you cared as much as i cared for you

more photos from friday.

turns out i didnt lose my rose ring after all! hehehe

hahaha @gabby lol.
one day guys, we will be rich enough to go winebar and open a bottle each without worrying about money . no more cheapo buy at holiday inn then go to the riverbank and drink!
for now, 1 bottle of chivas shared by 5 people, enough to be happy already. haha

so im back from simei and my mum was being an absolute doll.
seriously, she has sacrificed so much for me.
i cant wait to get my first official paycheck and buy her something from Chanel or LV.
well i obviously cannot afford the bags there yet.. haha.

went to wash my hair and blow dry nicely, did my nailz U GUESS THE COLOUR CORRECT I BUY YOU KFC EGGTARTZ, got a new luggage bag and i felt really cabin-crewish with my swishy hair, red nailz(ah there you go) new heels from bata hahaha and a perfume from kenzo, all courtesy of my dear mother. she surprised me with the perfume and got me real diamond studs, bless her heart. just cause i told her, im pretty much forced to wear earrings(and i HATE wearing earrings). she got them for me as a surprise and even though the scent's not really me, im gg to use it everyday until there's not a drop left.
i love my mother so much, for being so strong and for sacrificing so much for me.
i hope i dont disappoint her.


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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