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Sunday, September 19, 2010

long to short

so, i got my locks chopped off (for work sigh) and i must say even though the jap head stylist did a great job in it, i really think i look a thousand times better in my long hair. i guess im just not used to it. i dont like short hair, dont fancy it but you know what its for a year only!
after that im going to have long dreamy locks. hahaha.

thanks darling Z for accompanying me
one of our best days out
i kept trying to pscyho her to cut the same hair but she no want =(

Z left first to meet her friends so i was still stuck doing my hair
went to get presents and bumped into jon who was the first to see my hair. talked a while left
and then he bbm'd me (the wonders of bbm) so i went to meet up with him for awhile.
was really funny
'meet at food opera"
"huh where's food opera, the food court?"
"i meet you at food opera"

met his friend too, im sorry i kinda forgot the name but i got along with her really well
very nice girl, supa stylish.

left for pasir ris and omg iwaited for 3 whole hours..
but lucky chanel was there
some asshole from army lost some rifle part, cannot book out if cannot find.
found already cannot book out if no one own up.
in the end the asshole didnt own up but i think 300? im not sure how many guys ) angry army men waiting to book out's not a pretty sight haha.

so chanel and i cabbed to the ferry terminal to meet ben and nick
who were very smelly btw haha.
rushed home bathed and got rejected by 3 taxi drivers who didnt want to go zouk.
phuture the new taxi plague?
but anyhow we got one, failed to persuade Z to go, met up with han lin, gabby and ming.
it was lin's day cause she was stressed for uni exams so impromptu decision to zouk but it was a really good night and thank God i didnt get wasted. we had a lot of dancing and shoving around on the dancefloor. it was really really fun haha.

reached home ard 5ish in the morning.
got up at 7 to go for my work and exam
terribly long day i almost died
collapsed in class cause of the excessive kneeling, and my knee ligament couldnt take it.
its a peculiar sensation when you cant feel your leg and im nt talking about pins and needles im talking about NO SENSATION at all.
got up and plop i went down.
was preparing to go home cause nick was picking me up and he reached SIA trg center already so i was gg out then the stupid security guard called me suddenly and i turned, my trenchcoat which i was carrying slipped my blackberry out and the lcd screen cracked.
i wanted to MURDER someone.
fucking fucking mad and bad mood.
its a tiny crack inside but i know its gg to get worse, my bb already so fucking conky, ccb du lan i still want blood.
blooody security guard still got the cheek to tell me,
and he wave his pokpok phone at me.

so with a terribly lousy mood, aching knee, almost breaking back and bruises on my hands(Cause of the fucking cpr on the fucking dummy which we had to do 150 times over and over again) and a cracked phone, i walked to nick's car where he was waiting patiently for me and my face was so black i swear its a new colour for black itself but i cheered up at the thought of going for dinner, and we went to 85 and feasted. it was such a glorious sight.
all the chicken wings, stingray, rice, kangkong, prawn lua and best green tea tang yuan in the world. then nick went to book in at night for guard duty and i K.O-ed from sheer fatigue and here i am up at 12.08 pm on a sunday afternoon.
canceled my facial appt so im gg to simei to meet my mum now.

7-8-9? im nt sure how many exams tmr, i really hope i dont flunk it.
tmr's the last one already then i graduate on wed and fly on thurs.
please please please, i already put in so much effort i cant afford to jinx it.

a chance encounter.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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