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Sunday, September 26, 2010

meet me at the equinox

hahahahaha we both damn ugly

Weekend with nick was awesome.
For privacy reasons, im not going to blog about the events that happened and the places we went so, sorry for the twitter spam all my twitter friends.
this blog shall be a pictures only space from now on!
less input from the mind's better.
oh and we caught wall street today, it was fucking long and draggy but i thought it was a pretty decent film, very emotional and all the scenes were perfectly executed.
im gg to imdb the movie for some of the quotes or hopefully tumblr has it.

anyway went for my first 4 sector flight on friday
i sat in the cockpit for the landing into singapore
and the pilot and the first officer were super mega nice, showed me what they were doing and when we swooped down from jakarta into changi airport, the whole scene felt pretty surreal
me with my headphones on and i could hear the air control people talking to the pilots and i was acting all giggly and gushy and going 'oh cool oh cool oh cool' very unprofessional but sheesh i couldnt control my excitement. the 13 hours of flight that day exhausted me though and i fell sick. its sunday and tmr's monday so that means i have to work.
blogging about work is fucking risky so i shall not do it.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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