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Sunday, September 05, 2010

the opposite of love is indifference

it's a gloomy sunday.
i woke up today and decided to play the first song i saw on my itunes.
hmm. amberlin always hits my 'thats uncanny!' nerve.

This is our last goodnight
Say what you will
Say all that you can
Words have no meaning
When I've seen where you've been

This is our last goodnight
Say what you will
Say all that you can
This is our last goodbye
This is where love ends

last night at georges, was really really fun though.
only 2 barrels of beer this time but my head was playing tricks with me already
i walked into a glass door and took off my shoes and walked around in the rain
while sitting on the floor of 7-11 with ming breaking bits of cookies for me
but i think they came from vikram's tummy........
cooking cupnoodles and hearing army stories and listening and feeling the rain till 545 am.
it was a great night.
shopping with Z in the day then the gross girl went to queue for her kpop tickets so i walked ard 313 while waiting for her.
crys came to join us for drinks too and charades were a fucking blast.
what the hell is g.i.jane btw you tell me. hahaha.
i really had fun last night and gab and his boyz are super excited that im gg to bring my korean colleagues to zouk next week. they excited. VERY VERY VERY excited hahaha.

so this gloomy sunday was spent having lunch with my mum and godpa.
they left after that and i walked around parkway parade by myself, feeling very alone.
got myself some beauty stuff and 3 novels from borders.
i really should stop spending money.

i've got so much heartache going on but i dont know how to place it in words
neither can i or do i want to tell anyone so you know what fuck it, fuck my melodramatic bullshit and my foolishness, im gg to read my books now.

i wish i was stronger, i wish i mattered more.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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