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Monday, October 18, 2010

1. its damn gay but i fucking regretted cutting my hair for my job (waste of fucking $170) and im thinking of doing hair extensions just to cover my nape again. yes its gay but im sick of seeing so much exposed neck and back. the idea of some girl's dead hair attached to mine is fucking icky though, not to mention expensive..
does anyone know how much it costs?

2. i have decided to quit my job. when- im not sure. but soon.
im sorry im not strong enough but at the risk of both my mental and physical health, i think i need to do what's best for myself. even if it takes me forever to find out what makes me happy, i think i'd rather risk the idea of that than to feel nervous and scared and jittery all the damn time.

3. any flea markets coming up? im gg to sell all my clothes for $5-$20.

4. nick and i's 2 year anniversary's coming up really fast. 25th october. it took a while to realize, that he's the love of my life and no one can really measure up to him, in terms of the way he loves me. yeah there are glitches but we are working them out, and last weekend was spent without any fighting. we had a blast and im so happy =)

5. kelong trip up and coming, campfire night this weekend, and a fucking well-deserved holiday in december. we are going faraway! tokyo please.....

6. i am broke but if being broke means i get to feel free and happy and safe then broke is all i want to be.

7. maybe i will win the 80,000 jackpot from macdonald monopoly. haha. i sure hope so.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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