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Friday, October 01, 2010

A couple of events have happened since my previous post on tuesday and its funny cause its only friday and i have done things i've never done before in my life.

-bought my very own KOI for the first time
didnt know KOI so fucking expensive
who the hell pays $5 for bubbletea
it justifies my $7 for a cup of starbucks.

-sat at macdonalds with Zer just yakking the night away without buying macdonalds for 4-5? hours straight sipping on giant cup of koi.

-got seduced into the buy 2 curry puffs get 1 free curry puff promotion from Delifrance at a random petrol kiosk station at 2 a.m in the morning

-tried out the new pub/bar place right beside siglap starbucks
girls day out, best and i ordered a bottle of red wine
she had an amazing chicken lasagna which im craving now, and i had a rather sub-par spanish omelette which was basically just eggs + potatoes. haha.

udders for green tea ice + lychee martini ice cream after that

-Got stuck in Guangzhou on wednesday
pilot decided to offload me and kalwant cause there were too many people on board
there goes zouk plans
we went shopping in guangzhou, didnt manage to go the awesome shuz place i went with nick and his mum tt time, but still managed to bomb $100 on cheap makeup perfume and gifts.
-Company gave us a very nice room in a five star hotel right beside the airport
fucking amazing view of the airport at night.
-slept at 2 am was dead tired
went back to singapore in the morning and its true no such thing as free lunch in the world, we went to work on the flight back
-Full load and therefore, very busy time and i shall not speak ill of any thing so fast forward to thursday. got back from guangzhou in time to change and rush to holland V to meet Z, Lin, Gab ming and kiew.
had a blast at holland V
we had a bet on who ate more xlbs.
winner gets $4 from the boy sitting opposite her.
i got $5 from ming who was so disgusted at losing and so dignified that he said keep the change.
i insisted and i was passing him back the coins when i accidentally dropped it on the prawn bowl and he went ballistic, "ARGHHHHHHH! YOU PURPOSELY ONE! YOU KNOW I DONT EAT PRAWNS!" hahahaha it was hilarious. he REFUSED to take the coins from me.
lolol and it was a terribly unfair competition really, the total amount of xiao long bao that the each girl eats + 4 = total combination so the guys had to +4 on their on account.
i was laughing so hard we were all laughing so hard over lin's 'cheating' and how she was exposed cause she accidentally showed it to us.

so anyway in total the six of us ate 125 xiao long baoz and shit load of meat + steamboat and rice. we were so full i felt so sick...
went to Everything with Fries and i dont know how gab and ming can stomach a slice of nutella tart each.
it was a fucking good night out with food replacing our every saturday alcohol intake. pics next time!

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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