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Monday, November 08, 2010

thought of the day

i remember how i felt when i saw your look-a-like when i was in the train with nick and i pointed out to him how he looked exactly like you and how it might be you also since he was also an officer in the same camp. its amazing how one look-a-like could bring back a flurry, a rush of memories back to my head. i say this with no angst, bitterness or (if anybody wants to be ridiculous here and read more into it) left over love for you. i think back to the period when i was 13-14-15? young naive dumb but having fun. you taught me a lot and while chancing upon your current gf's blog, i realized you guys have been together for 3 years and im proud of you because i reckon that's prolly the longest relationship you have been in and right now you and i are on similar platforms, at our longest and well i dont know about you, but im at my happiest too. =)
i was tweeting about how it would feel really weird if i were to see you again and i reckon that God's plans are far and wide because our paths havent crossed at all, (only once last year?or the year before? since i was 16) and thats once in 4 years, at a traffic light and i was with nick and i pulled him away and zoomed off when i realized it was you because damn, i couldnt handle awkwardness. and now at a supposedly mature age of 20, i also dont think i can deal with seeing you or having even eye contact with you. Oh boy im such a lousy person when it comes to dealing with the 'after-shock'. how can two people once so close (not just in terms of a relationship) fall so far apart? i Admire people who can hang out with their ex-es even when the relationship has fallen to dust. I should take a leaf out of that book.

With that said and you hopefully never ever reading this, (imagine awkward level on scale rise to 10!) i wish you and your current girlfriend all the best and good luck in everything you do! =)

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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