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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

and time will stop for us to heal pt 2

After what seems like years and probably really is, i met up with Rach and bernie for lunch at Simei and to be honest, that was one of the wisest decisions i have made so far, this month.

had a really really good time catching up with them at 18 chefs
all giggly and gossipy and catching up on the past.

Impromptu decision to cab down to bukit timah and hang around the area with bernie while waiting for rach to finish her piano lesson by grumpy old lady tutor and bernie and i had a nice hour catching up.
im so happy that everyone's still the same and i hope im the same to them too.
we are meeting again next wed for supper (rach's driving hahaha) and i cannot wait ^^

also, they reminded me and i cant believe i've forgotten that tmr is 8th december.
it's been 3 years and three years is a long time but not long enough to erase everything and i dont think everything will ever be erased and i hope that day never happens where i will entirely forget because i wont.

i miss you. i miss you so much.
especially when reading back on old blog entries yesterday night for 4 hours straight
and seeing our videos and pictures, in those days every single blog post had either your picture or me commenting on what you said that day to me.
i wonder where you are right now, i wonder if you can remember me the way i remember you
if you can feel our loss because we miss you like hell and i wished you left something more permanent than just memories because im scared to death, i dont remember how you smell like anymore. but i still remember the things you love and hate and your wish to marry a pilot.
(btw im in contact with them so frequently and twinny, they are really not all that cool but i know you sure like one.) remembered your one dream to be an airstewardess (trust me, its really not as fancy as you think) and your ideas for your bright future and the high standards of the guy of your dreams, the one you were gona marry.
wherever you are right now, though i have no doubt its heaven, i hope you are looking down on nuo, bernie rach ver and i and i hope you know that we miss you like hell and we were all looking at your and our photos tgt in my iphone, reminscing about the past and i hope you know that we love you very very much and that hasnt stopped nor will it ever in the years that has gone and will soon to come. i love you.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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