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Monday, December 06, 2010


13 more confirmed flights to go for this month.
my body's failing, especially with that mild asthma attack on flight on my first flight back from being grounded.
got removed off flight cause of my potential asthma attack, had to see a doc to get an mc which i felt was pretty ridic. cause i already cabbed all the way there to work and i turned up and everything but got removed at the last second, sent to the docs to get a lousy mc which stated reason for MC = Asthma.

blessing in disguise?
nick booked out on that day for a few hours (all very last minute)
i was tearing while on the way to work because i didnt know he could book out
and then, his last min book out , my last second removal off flight.
blessing in disguise?
i'd like to think that except now my MCs are a record high and guys, im not even being chao keng warrior.
flying really screws up my immune system, im feeling sick again.

looking forward to the next 2 flights on wed and thurs though.
all batchmates ^^
am off tmr, yay!
meeting RACH for lunch, been forever, more than a year or years? since we last caught up 1 on 1. i hope it wont be awkward!

been hanging out with gab and q and ming pretty often lately
i like that we can sit for hours talking without it being awkward
perks of an 8 year old friendship(friendships)

still caught in limbo
as to what i should be doing with my life.
should i stay or should i go?
haha sounds like a song lyric, i cant rem which song...

still du lan over ASOS and its lousy inefficient shipping.
fucking almost 1 month already you nasty buggers
$400++ sgd is not funny especially when you have christmas presents inside.
fucking better arrive by this week or latest next if not........

im sleepy. goo nigh

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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