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Sunday, December 05, 2010

in 3 hours

exactly 3 hours time before i have to reach the airport.

I keep thinking its monday
maybe because a part of me keeps wanting to believe that im not actually having to have to work on a sunday.
my first flight was pretty good, except for the minor asthma attack that i had while on flight.
i couldnt breathe cause of the pressure and if it happens again later, i think i will have to talk to someone about it.

+ today's flight to Hongkong is almost a whopping 8 hours sigh.

dont want to put any worries in my head.

For now, im just going to concentrate on making my christmas list for the people i love.
I have gotten a couple of items for a couple of close friends so far, the rest has yet to come from fucking ASOS which is taking forever and that bugger better not charge me GST.
Reading up on so many horror stories on the net about singaporeans being charged extra GST for ASOS even when each separate order is clearly below 400 SGD.

nuff' said im going to read deathly hallows again to while away the time for now.
see yall back at around 2am when i get home.

hopefully my mood wont stink when i come back,
sigh i miss you nicky.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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