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Tuesday, December 21, 2010

the start of the best times in december

i love this pic of yvonne and roy!
hehehehe his camera make it seem as if my point and shoot skills so good hoho ^^

first christmas gathering at anton's new crib last week
eurasians' houses always really go all out during christmas
wish us asians will do the same too
i would really want a christmas tree!
and christmas socks and a chimney and a fireplace and an awesome vintage stereo playing christmas songs on loop oh how naize wish singapore was like that.

listening to Bright eyes now
have forgotten how awesome and how just so sad their lyrics are
im feeling rather nostalgic tonight
had dinz at simpang with rach and bernie just now
im excited for a lot of upcoming things this month.

December's looking up
i am genuinely happy and so stoked for Christmas
and all the cards and presents i've made and bought
so excited!!!
but one naggy thought at the back of my head which is obviously ASOS again
im fucking sick of emailing them to no avail
fuck i ordered my stuff in november so they will arrive BEFORE christmas
its 3-4 days to christmas and my parcels are way over due for more than 2 weeks
im fucking pissed asos is fucking useless
all my christmas dresses and presents for everyone.
very upset.

see, asos.
now i bad mood again.
this damn thing bugging me for 2 months already bloody hell.


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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