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Monday, January 10, 2011

run run away

had a bff stayover last night after sending nick back into camp
it was awesome just felt like old times and im glad i spent a day in the first week of the new year with her just feeling nostalgic, digging up hundreds (literally) of letters and reading the stuff i wrote, all the senseless emotional heartbreak hotel over C, all the bff advice and HAHA OUR PICTURES AND NEOPRINTS. i would totally post pics here but hahaha nah only those on my twitter list shall be subjected to that degree of honour (yeah right) haha. the pictures are really terrible and one of my twitter friend commented that i was fucking cui
hahaha and bloody hell, aye said i look the same
thanks alot....

sat up all night just sitting and talking
going down her estate to get oj and milo
and sitting there listening to the rain and hearing ourselves talk
about the past, the could-have-beens, everything!
we both agreed that this year it was time to balance things out
most importantly, between friends and boyfriends
and im just really really glad that throughout it all, i had have and will always have pris

btw zer if you are reading this, you look fucking different too as compared to then hahaha

Saturday was zouk
very little photos
and loads of people were there too
mixed feelings about that night
i spent most of the night running about looking after people and nick was pretty pissed with me for leaving him alone hmm
but when i think about it, it honestly doesnt matter as long as my girlfriends are okay
girls rule boys drool? chicks over dicks
so im sorry, zer pris and han lin for leaving you guys! i hope you had fun kay ^^ i love you

Saturday was also picnic at the most serene and beautiful place in singapore
my first time there and i hope we get to go again because it is amazing

so anyway being unemployed once again has led me to thinking for myself
and how i really have to be CAREFUL in choosing the path for myself
a part of me wants to carefree and go back to studying and at least not worry for anything for awhile but thats taking the easy way out and my mum is financially not able to provide for me that and i wont want to put that kind of strain on her.

quite wasted though if you think about it, since its only 1.5 years more to get me a degree
im just stuck with an advanced diploma and thats not going to get me anywhere far.

lastly, being all nostalgic last night led me to subconsciously dreaming a dream so sad and forbidden that its just.. sad and forbidden.
i cant let my past regrets keep needling its way back into my 2011 so i really hope i will finally wake up from my senses. it's not right.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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