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Monday, February 28, 2011

forever and ever

so my super weekend started with
THE SURPRISE while i was on my way to cdc to meet Zer and to sign up for my BTT.
so nick sent me there and after that we went to tamp mall for lunch

with my alcoholic boyfriend in tow

then off to meet my best friend to get tab's 21st present
and then back to nick's place for an impromptu beer session to 'loosen up' pre-party

my best friend abusing my boyfriend hahaha

then off to tab's 21st!

fav photo of bie ^^

back to pris's place for another beer session at her swimming pool

Canele @ Raffles City for a hearty meal

went to catch a movie and then grocery shopping at cold storage which chalked up to 89 frigging bucks because of nick's PERSONAL expenses
back to my place for a home cooked meal

after the send him back to camp fiasco (HEHEHE)
went for breakfast with his parents
back to his place to nap nap for 1 hour and then an impromptu plan to head to
marina barrage which coincidentally was international kite flying day
what a stroke of luck!

except my greatest nightmare was played out
fuck, i hate i fucking hate clowns.

ran some errands got some library books
thank you baby for shuttling me to and fro everywhere to get everything done
really appreciate it.
then time to book in again =(

so its monday now and i woke up early today thinking it was tuesday
but im happy cause natalie portman my fav actress won an oscar for best actress

going to drink my tea and read a book now bai bai

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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