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Tuesday, February 08, 2011

hate me so you can see what's good for you

some pics from bkk in january 2011

it was a fast getaway-from-stifling singapore trip with just my mum and i
reckoned she needed a breather from the past 8-9 months and me, i guess i needed to clear my head and all that shopping alone and walking on the streets by myself at certain times made me feel much happier.
i always hated the word 'retail therapy' because it sounded silly materialistic and superficial but you know what shopping seriously does some wonders.
my mind was clear as a bell!

day 1
went to my fav jap restaurant
so cheap i want to cry
so good i want to weep
and of course, ice monster
if you dont go to bkk and eat ice monster, i dont know what you are doing in bkk at all.
also, i really wanted to bring ice monster to singapore..... along with the coconut icecream
(as in the coconut ice cream, not sure if ice monster's like purely thai haha)

so suan lum night bazaar closed down
very traumatizing for me since it was nick and i's fav place to shop at night and also since,(Word of warning to those intending to head to bkk for the first time) platinum mall(THE MALL TO GO) closes at 7pm so we headed off somewhere else and i worked my magik (haha) and found us some good places to go which kind of got repetitive for the next three nights. meh.

i spent my nights at starbucks alone and once for coffee in the morn while i watched the world go by. literally right at the steps man it felt so good like i was in paris in a quaint cafe on the sidewalks or something.not that i've gone to paris before though, but i would like to someday soon.

hmm so what else..
oh yes we hardly ate at proper timings
shopping really makes you a little insane or maybe its just me

Day 2 was
getting my eyelashes done at the usual place so fucking cheap 18 bucks
by a different girl this time and wow i also want to bring her back to singapore and open my own nail shop and charge everyone 30 bucks and we will get a super influx of customers cause everyone would want their eyelashes, thai-style! hahaha

this lady handmakes ALL OF HER little cute toys
some people are really really talented.
couldnt buy all so i got these

plz dont laugh at my bare nekkid face, i know i know, i shock myself every morning too when i look into the mirror hahaha

what i use everyay before i can face the world back in singapore but totally skipped everything in bkk, except foundation... i cant live without foundation.

cheap 1 buck chicken rice at the roadstalls which was rather nomz but being the typical spoilt brat and over paranoid singaporean i am, i started to hallucinate myself into thinking i had a tummyache and it was of course, in my very self-justified opinion that it was the 1 dollar chicken rice's fault.

got a massage
so sad the fish spa wasnt available cuz according to the workers there, someone broke it hahaha
i find all these highly amusing can you imagine all the fishes happily eating everyone's lo-lai and then bam! goes their lo-lai pond of gold hahaha sorry im mean.

did our nails(which i got fucking ripped off but it okay cause i likey the girl who did it for me and we were trying our very best to have a conversation efficiently but no, language barrier resulted in a helluva of frantic handsigns)

kinda disappointed though... i wanted this.

and got this

but it okay. one must learn to be compromising..
and thats the pretty girl who did it for me
fuck i thought she was 18 but she's 26 can u believe it?
and guess which part of her face did she do plastic on! hehehe
you all dying to know right.........

and of course,

Day 3 which was saturday was chatuchak where i shocked myself by buying more stuff for nick than myself and we left around 4 and that shows a lot, it just means im getting old since i tire easily. goodness gracious what has become of me?

some food before we go on the rampage

and best pad thai in the world,

the cute little puppies that we all see on every girl's blog when they come back from chatuchak haha im no different here's some for your eyes to feast and croon upon.

oh and looky look
i have taken the liberty of sly-snapping a pic from afar to blog this and maybe send it in to SPCA.
abusive fat woman washing the puppy like she's washing her underwear all wringing and squeezing
please compare the size of puppy to her big fat lard of a boob i say boob not boobs im asking you to compare one boob to puppy head

and also, chatuchak had some sad abandoned kitties day which every kitty had to wear a tiny blue ribbon around their furry necks idk why, does blue represent freedom?
even in bangkok, cats are strays and treated as minority to the superior doogies
it's so sad.

sad cats with blue eyes aside,
this is the BEST and i mean BEST coconut ice cream in the whole fucking wide world
i am salivating as i am thinking about it now but i only have a cny orange half eaten at my disposal so nvm, pls salivate along with me. it may not look like much but HOHO THIS IS WHY THEY INVENTED THE PHRASE, LOOKS ARE DECEIVING.

sure botak, go ahead and ruin my picture. hahaha some people are so oblivious
attempt no. #2

so after leaving chatuchak early we went back to the hotel to rest some bit then round no. i cannot remember already of last min shopping since we had leave our hotel at 4am in the morn for the morning flight which we almost missed but that's another story i dont want to go into details.

pictures of the loots i got for nick and check out this picture in which i attempted a million shots trying to make it tumblr-worthy enough for people to reblog but im too chicken to post it on tumblr in case no one sees and reblogs then sher shame shame so here it stays!

the top i bought in every colour




stuff i bought for nicky
what a lucky cat, i came back just in time for CNY so he didnt even have to shop for cny clothes hehe


if you know me personally, im not a pumps sort of person but it was ridiculously tough trying to find decent shuz in bkk for some reason so.. i was getting rather desperate. =(

day 1's loots

thats the oj tt i tried to bring back to singapore for nick to remind him of what he missed out on but the custom officer was super strict also in regards to the damn 100ml shit so he commanded me, i quote," DRINK IT NOW. HERE." so i used my super ta-ing skills which i have accumulated over the past 3 years (this im nt proud of and if you are that dense, im kidding about the super skills) and finished it in 3 gulps. mainly cause the bottle is tiny.
my mum spent 50 plus SGD on all these earrings my goodness
i dont condone fakes but my mum gifted that pair to me and damn, i really like it and since i cant afford the real authentic 300 bucks one....
haha im wearing it now and if you see pics later on in this blog, please dont be fooled. it is fake, i am a church mouse i have no money and i am a terrible terrible person for wearing fake designer goods. mew.

unrelenting love for ice monster being tried and tested nommmmmmmmm
kk thats about it
so tired of blogging already
its tuesday 3 more days to nicky-time woo hoo.
have a fantastic week everyone!

my angel came in the form of a whisper but then thats another story hmmmmm mm mm

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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