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Sunday, February 27, 2011

surprising miracle, miraculous surprise

2 things.

i had the best weekend ever with my favorite boy in the whole wide world.
these couple of weeks, after his promotion, i've been seeing much lesser of him since he has
extra 'guard duty' on weekends.
last friday, he couldnt come out again and i was feeling down and sad as fuck.

so friday morn,
was walking to the bus stop, on the way to meet zer to sign up for my driving tests at CDC and feeling all mopey and sad when suddenly this boy clad in a white tee cam running full-speed towards me from my left and grabbed me

with a bouquet of blue roses, my absolute favorite flowers.

and at that moment, my heart answered and i just knew, i knew,
that all i need in my life and im not ashamed nor will i look back at this in 3 years and cringe,
that all i need is nicky.
no matter what happens to us in the future, i will never love anyone else the way i have loved and am loving nick.

i will do anything in the world if i could, to end his misery which is solely because of the army
and this surprise, this being able to book out, was everything that i could ask for.

best part was, my house's a pretty far distance to the bus stop so nick managed to catch me right in the nick of time (hahaha pun intended) and i asked him how did he know where i was and he said he went into my house lift, intending to go up and he smelled my perfume so he knew i left already. so he got out of the lift and was walking back towards the car when he spotted me and THEN HE RAN OVER AND MADE MY HEART SING.


also, no.2

got woken up early sat morning by a bad phone call
another surprise 'guard duty' the next day, sunday. (today)
got to book in by 8 am
that spoilt our entire saturday, he was so upset.
plans for zouk went to poop.
got to bed by 11ish and woke up at 6am to send him back to camp.

when we reached there, it was a beautiful sunday morning but it was all doom and gloom
nothing felt right.
i went to turn on my phone after his dad drove away and at the exact moment i turned it on, there was a phone call from nick
apparently he bumped into the person who was intially supposed to do the duty in the first place(not him), read the schedule wrongly and then decided to do it instead.
they met each other at the gate and if nick had walked in a second earlier, he would have been the one doing it.
so we promptly turned around to pick him up within 1 min.

if that is not a miracle from God, i dont know what it is.

best part was friday night a group of us
pris zer ben nick and i were sitting around pris's condo and we were drinking beer and having conversations about if God is real and why, etc
so i was telling nick on sat after the phonecall, what if you dont have to go back in at the last minute. what would you do?
then he said, ill say "PRAISE THE LORD"
and he was being his typical super unbeliever self so when the miracle happened on sunday,
i wanted to dissolve into tears on the spot and i bugged him until he said it.
and to me, that's one step closer for the love of my life to reach The Love of my life.
and im so happy.

as of now at 1121pm, nick's back into camp already
but you have no eye deer how gr8ful i am to God for the extra 15 hours.
and even though he has duty again next friday and wont come out until saturday, i am so thankful.
couldnt stop tearing on the car ride home after sending him back because I still cant believe how God came through despite my lousy invisible attempts at being 'Christian'.

am so thankful and really, this is better than striking the lottery.
i havent felt so happy like these, in such a long while.
have a super sunday everyone =)

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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