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Sunday, March 20, 2011

same shit different day

been too lazy too busy to blog
lost my atm card at zouk on friday
nick and his brothers 'fought' for me on my behalf at winebar because some snotty bank bitch tried to belittle me when i offered to buy her a drink in return for the shot which she gave me.
nick to S.B.B :
"you are nothing but a little bitch"
i heard he spit at her, i hope not on her but in her direction.
also, first birthday present from val,( thank you val!)
virgin attempt at the infamous Snow white and 7 dwarfs
fucking expensive
and no i didnt KO
but also maybe cause i was halfway through when gallant(ahem alcoholic) nick decided to 'finish' it for me which resulted in him being rather drunk

this party's draining me of all my resources
no one in the world but my boyfriend will drive me to tiong bahru to haggle over the design of a cake and wait patiently while i negotiate exact shade of the colour and yak over the price for almost an hour or pay xxx for a cake for me first.
or send me to ikea and go party-decor shopping with me for hours and watch me grab and scrutinize everything and again pay for it first.
dont know what i'd do without him.

anniversary coming up this friday
has it really been 2 years 5 months already?
hopefully he gets to book out, i've got the perfect gift for him!
so stoked cant wait to get it and wrap it up all nice and shiny for him heh

btw does anyone know how much i must pay to get a new atm card?
really need to get it back asap
dont know how im gg to survive this week without cash.
got work so i cant reach the bank in time
do you reckon there's way to get it without having to go to the bank?

oh and it was rebel before zouk that night and butter the next day
and i cannot emphasise hw much disdain i have for rebel but all my favorite people like that place i seriously have no eye deer why.
their flaming lambo is weak to no ends, nothing can ever ever ever beat the flaming lambo in guangzhou, this sleazy club which we went 2 years ago.

and i am tired of clubbing i hope next week we will take a break and spend some quality time together.
seriously getting too fucking old to party.

last time can drink dance make merry be happy and sleep in the morning crash till the evening
consecutively partying for days and not feeling tired
now, past 12 and all i want to fucking do is curl up into bed or eat supper watch movie read book or go for a drive with nick
i get more tired as i grow older
or maybe after 3 years of doing the same shit everyday every weekend i am finally snapping out of it.

tired already goonigh

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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