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Tuesday, April 05, 2011


7 days to turning twenty-one and im still sick from 2 weeks ago
and i think my period is coming
which explains the break-out in my skin and my moody temper
which means i wont get to swim in the infinity pool
and mbs is one bitch of an expensive place to eat or basically, DO ANYTHING
and nick wont be there which is the biggest bummer
something that i've been feeling extremely down about
he has been the best. the best, the best
and i dont know how to explain how amazing he has been to me
like offering his army friend a 100 bucks to do guard duty on his behalf (if he kena) before their names were called out
and offering his credit card to buy my friends and i dinner at MBS since he wasnt going to be able to be there
something which i obviously turned down
no way in hell will i make use of him like that
and i can already hear all the haters telling me and pointing fingers , im making use of him and his money blah etc blah
but one selfish offer i did take up on was the request for him to lend his ride so my best friend can drive us to mbs and around since she has a license while i obviously, failure as usual, am still merely waiting for my BTT test what a long way more to go nuuuuuu

and april 16th
trying not to be annoyed when a bunch of people still refuse to rsvp
not to be a bitch or anything but i created the event a freaking Month ago
and it's not like i havent reminded them and im sick of CONSTANTLY talking about my party because its fucking pretentious to keep going on and on about it but if you dont RSVP then how do i know hw many to cater for??
and i wish my mother would put in more effort instead of throwing everything aside for me to do.
having to pay everything for myself out of my own pocket is a bitch
its not like i have a proper full time job anymore??
but im thankful that she's paying for catering except the party's next saturday and she hasn't called any caterers should i be worried i dont fucking know.

As you can see, i have a lot of superficial and shallow worries.

oh yeah and im officially, 11 days vices-free
go me.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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