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Monday, April 25, 2011

Leave all of your love and your longing behind


Finally, we are approaching the last week of April.
Birthday Parties have come and gone and im super duper stoked for bali/bkk plans in june with pris and zer.
Cash flow, as usual, is one hell of an issue..
staring at the picture i took of the three tops i bought from BKK in feb this year and the loots i got for nick
it's not healthy how i've only worn each top 1x,2x max and even unhealthier how i get bored of my clothes so easily. so if anyone is interested in any of the tops, feel free to quote me a price at kay ^^



more photos from my birthday parties







yes i know jiggly thighs so big so scary, courtesy of bad choices such as mickeyDs in the wee hours..


hehe really like this photo





lin ^^^^^

view from the room when we turned off all the lights


the surprise hehe






and on a sidenote, happy 30 monthsary to nickyboy!
You've have been the greatest.
Thank you for loving me.

May will be a pretty stressful month for me.
After finally signing up for driving, my btt test date is on may 3rd
and i just got my book yesterday. (thanks again matthew!)
I hope all will work out fine.
still cant decide between taking manual or auto though.

Come may 5th, it will be nick's 21st and the bugger refuses to have a party
and what with his lousy army timings, i dont know how to balance lunch with his family dinner with me and drinks with his friends on the same day without being it all too rushy rushy
plus its election day.. hmm.
may 13th will probably see me near tears when he leaves for Germany till the last day of May.
I hope the army brings him back safe and sound.

Then there's that issue of me getting a degree
since no one in the family has a steady income no one can be the guarantor
and 24K is fucking steep man
i really am at a loss of what to do because the only way out is to borrow from a bank and my mum has to mortgage the house so i can study and i dont want that to happen.
but i know very well that i will never go far with just an advanced diploma to my name.
I really dont know what to do.
my part time job at soft is barely helping me stay afloat since it has to cover my phone bill (fucking singtel really dont give chance) food expenses and now an extra burden of taking my license. i mean honestly i dont even know how the fuck i managed to survive with 200-300 bucks/month and still manage to shop ASOS occasionally and go clubbing on weekends.
im really very stressed out about money issues and aiyah, am sick of talking about it already.
i need a breakthrough in terms of monetary issues.

also, am very thankful for the free ka-ching from the govt
am patiently waiting for my acct to jump by 600 so i can get something decent for nick's birthday and throw him a good memorable birthday party.

my thoughts are all over the place suddenly haha
just recalled and i know i posted this repeatedly on twitter but nuuu i have to say it again
was at Zouk on sat with nick and his army friends when they suddenly found a wallet because the guy banged *on the dancefloor and the usual stare stare but what the dude didnt realize was that he dropped his wallet so * picked it up
and we went to examine it.

they were brutal man

started digging out the contents and found out the owner was a malaysian dude working in singapore and his work permit stated that he was born in 1986 so that made him only 4 years older than us. his posb balance left 100 bucks and he had this debit card and his signature was just the word TAN which is fucking funny if you think about it. Cash in his wallet? 2 ringgit in an angpaw and loads and loads of folded paper hearts
what a sentimental fella
everyone was laughing like hell and we were like return lah damn poor thing because of the whole money balance and 2 ringgit seriously the 2 ringgit and paper hearts plus his gf work in ntuc, really got to me okay

so i opened it and i found
1. a photo of his gf and him
2. a buddhist talisman which i immediately dropped


the epic clincher.

2 folded pieces of white paper which turned out to be a copy of the ultrasound taken of a baby.
(you know you watch tv, they always show this fuzzy thing moving on a black and white screen and some doc points to a moving thingamajig and says, hey thats your baby."? yeah. that one. except its a photo and its tangible and i am holding some guy's baby in my hands.



WHAT THE FUCK. i was fucking stunned and i just stared at it and i was momentarily speechless until i showed the guys and we just started shouting O SHIT OH MY GOD.
and then i really cracked up because oh jeezus it was too much for me to take
i really couldnt stop laughing

never in my life did i expect to find pictures of an ultrasound of a baby okay
i wanted to die, partly from laughing partly from the irony of it all and partly from the guilt because we were all ransacking this poor bastard's wallet

okay when we kind ofc stopped laughing,
* started stuffing everything back silently and it was really honestly the most epic scene ever because he was brutal with the paper hearts initially and then after seeing the ultrasound he just kept quiet and started stuffing everything back in ninja-speed and then we went back to the bouncer and returned the wallet and oh lord, i swear i will never forget that night.

also, the guys were talking about returning it and nicky made this brilliant retort which kind of went something along,

which really made sense actually and we just went into fits and started going O YEAH HOR WA WA CANNOT. MUST PUNISH HIM.
but then haha the ultrasound, cb lah
we cant do this to a poor bugger i mean if you go around carrying only 2 ringgit in your wallet and pictures of an ultrasound, the baby has to be his right??

good news was when we were leaving the club, the bouncer came up to me and said the guy managed to get his wallet back and i felt really happy but still guilty. After all, we werent exactly nice nor did we have the kindest intentions at first.

really good time at the clubs though.
phuture was great and the music at zouk was super too
bumped into a cuppa of old friends there and really, last weekend was pretty perfect with friday at scape for a mini flea, barely earned much due to a rather bad location but thank you anyway zer gli cherie and fiona for letting me share with you guys at the last minute
next time we'll get the one downstairs kay!

spent friday and saturday night clubbing with my fav girls and boy and his friends
sat, accompanied nick while he fished
and sunday was errands time
lovely long weekend ^^

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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