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Monday, April 11, 2011

the weekend before the 12th

my weekend was spent as such.

+ Balloons Scouting which cost me almost a hundred bucks and for merely 35 of them helium monsters!
+Birthday lunch at Wild Honey with Nicky-boy
+Present-scouting where i wasted time at a particular shop because there were only 2 wallets left, 1 in taka and 1 in MBS what with the whole issue of colour migration
+Cons's 21st birthday party which was a blast and i had a super time
so many familiar faces in the crowd
+ Zirca with nick zer pris ben
+ MBS when i went to the second store and again, another small tiny scratch that cant be removed. two wallets left in singapore and both with defects nuuuuuuuuuuu
so i spent sometime walking in and out of other stores and i finally decided on one and im so excited but nick refuses to let me open until my birthday so its sitting in his room closet now where i masterfully hid it in a pile of clothes. i hope twig doesnt decide to sleep there tonight and start scratching the box.
also, i love the service staff at MBS. maybe it's because they are luxury retailers but the staff at Dior and Miu Miu were ESPECIALLY attentive
like in Dior's case, they will literally walk the talk and escort (for lack of a better word) you to the front even if you dont buy anything
and the lady from Miu Miu even wished me happy birthday in advance before i left the shop because i had to fill up some form and write my birthday date down.
Seriously, how's that for GEMS and service excellence?
i was honestly super duper impressed by the lady in Dior's attitude.
Thank you goodbye and have a wonderful sunday okay?
i was giggling and grinning away and i literally bounced out of the shop just cause she was so NICE.
now see if i was like that in Tiger airways or if 1/4 of the crew were like that, im positively sure the whole budget perspective of it as an airline wouldnt be an issue at all.
+ back to nick's and i got a surprise present from his mum apparently 1/2 of my present
truly, i am a very blessed girl. and in approximately almost 24 hours, i will be twenty-one!

i have no eye deer how i feel about that.

more peektures tmrrrrrrr

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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