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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Happy belated birthday to my favorite boy in the entire universe!
you are finally twenty-one now kitty!

i love you and i hope you had fun last weekend. =)

Friday was dinner with his family at his place after he booked out and we had yummy steak carrots broccoli cheesy spaghetti and red wine courtesy of his mum and renee's cooking nom nom
after work, i rushed home to buy baking ingredients to bake him cookies and it took so bloody long and martha stewart was not helping me at all ugh
rushed to tampines to get him a cake from bakerzin and the taxi queues everywhere were horrible and i had to ruin his own surprise by getting him to pick me up from tamp because everyone was getting impatient and wanted to start dinner and it was 845pm
felt super frustrated with all the rushing
taxis at tampines are rare and all damn picky since when taxi drivers can choose where to go one ughhhh
21 year old boy with his 97 year old granny^^

up bright and early
brought him to Wild Honey for his birthday lunch
most expensive but seriously best brunch ever
one bite and instant transportation to food heaven sumpa swear chop me no lie.
as usual, queued for one plus hour like the other time since they dont do reservations.

stuffed to the maxi 0 max and then we headed down to clarke quay with him thinking that we
were about to embark on the duck tour along the river with a bunch of other couples hahaha

loved the look on his face when i walked to the swissotel counter to check in and he was like
'eh baby you're joking right' dont bluff...

went to the room which was pretty crappy as hell
tv spoilt, no toothbrushes provided
but oh well at least the bed was super mega comfy
but then again which hotel's not! haha

down to the swimming pool to try and swim but we turned out to be the only asians
and i kid you not when i say they immediately SIAMED to the far end of the pool when we went in or rather, most of them just got out of the pool.

lol fucking racism leh cb this is our country, you get out!

ordered a pint of beer which ripped us off 18 bucks crazy expensive even winebar's cheaper
+ it was honestly more of a mug and definitely not a pint

next time, i shall bring him to MBS instead. swissotel no good

but then again, location-wise, it was excellent since his army friends opened bottles at Zirca to celebrate for him, it was really really near and less than 3 minutes walk away.

Dinner was at a balinese restaurant which we decided to try because nick wanted to eat grilled food.
OMG DAMN SHIOK Seriously the fish chicken satay is amazinnggggg
huuuge portions and nick and i had to struggle to finish everything.
please go and try the seafood platter for two k
if you dont eat sotongs like us, the chef is nice enough to change it, in our case, a huge ass piece of yummy chicken for us kekeke.
btw, beer is 5++ from 6-11 pm

so we stumbled back to the hotel to change and i was having serious trouble because i forgot to bring a strapless bra, nipple stickers and the entire central mall didnt sell any and i was going mad. bought a convertible dress the day before just for nick's bday and i was so annoyed with myself for forgetting.
in the end i stood 45 mins in front of the mirror trying to twist the dress in a style that could not show my stupid nipples (i dont even know why we shld have nipples for, so ugly) and thank God for the last minute i managed to find a way to twist the dress proper.
according to the pics in my camera, no nip-slip so phew, convertible dress level up.

so we left for zirca around 10 and we met up with his army friends + zer and gli ^^
zer got him a cake from Awfully Chocolate and it was nice to see the surprised loook on his face when we brought the cake out to him. hehe

Got to say im damn proud of nick for managing to stay somewhat pretty damn sober and for not puking at all after consuming drinks after drinks of martell champagne chivas beer and his friends started treating him one by one to 2 waterfalls 1 graveyard 1 jagger 1 lambo? and gawd knows what else.

proud as i am,
i would not trade my liver with his for anything though. hahaha

happy news aside, nick's leaving for germany courtesy (pui) of army in two days time..
last minute take away his block leave so i have only 1 lousy day to spend with him tmr before he leaves on thursday until 1st of june.
dont know how im gg to cope without him
will miss you like hell nick.

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maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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