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Saturday, June 18, 2011

happy times and holidays!

O hai everyone!
tmr, june 18th, pris and i will be having a stall at SWAP AND SHOP flea
at chinatown! its from 11am -630pm and i promise loads and loads of topshop brand new h&m and asos stuff okay! COME FUND US FOR OUR PHUKET TRIP!

Today, june 17th
was a fantastic day

got up bright and early to have brekkie with wifey at bedok inter macs
good catch up and seriously, her work is sucking her social life dry
and i mean bone dry.
sept will come soon kay phyphy! <3

mega long bus ride to best's new house at upper east coast
i could lie on her window seat forever
i plan to live there semi-permanently

vian came over
swam, played with elsie, had delicious heady red wine
spilled the delicious red wine into the pool
took hundreds of photos
sun was blazing
my butt is sunburnt and so is my face and miso sleepy now

partial din din at bedok point with the girls and then i took the 22 mrt train ride to find nicky at CCK for his nights out for a few hours
poor kitty looked so sad and kept telling me he wanted to go home
i felt so bad for him
split a litre of beer with him and it was nice sitting there chatting and teasing each other
these are good times and i would not trade these moments for anything else.

2 mrt stops and a 50 minute bus ride later, i finally plonked my ass home
and i am exhausted i tell you
but today was so pretty perfect and fulfilling
i wished everyday was like that. =)

pictures from last wednesday!

caught up with Sean after a really really long time
2007? haha thats really long since we last hung out
it's nice to know that some people dont change who they are deep down, no matter the years or habits..
and Sean's still the same o' nice guy even though he's mr member of zouk now hahaha

gentleman as usual, paying for my meal and starbucks
even though i insisted on paying for them myself.
i honestly really hope that the girl he has his eye on will treasure him.
he deserves nothing but the very best of luck and love in the matters of the heart department.

left for home and then gabby came and picked me up and the guys and i had an awesome dinner at the Fat cat and i ordered the same dish again because i am not adventurous or whatsoever when it comes to my food. yeah, i take my nomz pretty seriously.

saturday was spent waiting for nick to book out
had dinner at WANCHAI and i really felt like going back to hongkong haha those were good times
headed to Zouk after
good times!

okay pics nt in order miso tired goo nigh

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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