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Sunday, July 31, 2011

myriad of mess of emotions, messing with my heart

an inappropriate happy-ish photo which has nothing to do with last crappy sad post of the year below. RIP crown of glory. it doesnt look all that great but at least its better than the black hair dye and terrible perm job that Snip avenue has left me with. i can't even..

once again, i have managed to single-handedly fuck every defense i've put up for the past hundreds of days.

will never forget that look in your eyes

last night, i walked into broken glass in Zouk while dash berlin worked his magic in the background
the roaring crowd and 2 minutes?before that happened, i remember how i felt, that eternity of silence and that quiet..where i was concentrated on trying to find the appropriate things to say and how i was never more unaware of my surroundings than in that moment itself.

i also got my foot rolled over by a car.

i was utterly disarmed last night (no DB pun intended) and im done with this risk-taking, this unhealthy stupid self-exposure and all for what? everything works out to be nothing in the end.

goodnight everyone, im done with this space forever.

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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