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Saturday, July 23, 2011

O let me be empty weightless

this week has been pretty good to me albeit money issues which i dont even want to go there..
other than that, i had my FTT on thursday and it was a huge miracle that i actually passed..
considering i only opened the book to read the whole thing 4 hours before the test so that felt really good. nick had his off day on the same day too, another PTL moment. got my blackberry fixed and that was a whooping $200 bucks. ='(
met up with his friends after and i did boys stuff with them
and i got to say i seriously suck at games like pool and L4D2 and whatever manly things like that
i literally had motion sickness 10 minutes into L4D2 and i went to the gross unisex toilet to puke hahaha

went to some thai disco with them and i had my eye on some hot hot hot thai girl
after which, two of the boys drinkdrive to another thai disco which was sleazy imo but the guitarist was AMAZING on his hello kitty guitar

yea, thursday was really pretty fantastic =')

friday saw me being lazy, skipping work and getting flak from best friend and gabby tskkkkk
one by one ganging up on me!
spent the day with nick just lazing around and finding food and he brought me to this amazing changi place. changi beach club? that place is so pretty.

went back to camp on friday night and i went to Georges to meet bestie and lin
maybe cause we were in shorts and everything but we got checked by the staff there which was a serious WHAZZAT moment since uh we are 21 and since uh we've been coming georges for a long time already. hell you can almost count us as regulars.. we've been going for 3 years?
some management switch apparently and yst i realized Georges has service charge now. something WHICH SHLD NOT BE HAPPENING NUUUUU

we had a few beers and then lin drove us down to simpang and honestly it was a really simple girls night out but i had a blast and i hope the girls did too.
a brief stroll down memory lane because lin asked to know the whole 'story' of how it began and relating it to her made me realized how there are certain things you just cant forget. i mean i didnt know i remembered THAT MUCH. i guess keeping it stagnant in your mind and actually talking about it sparked some intense memory trigger shit because i woke up this saturday morning with a really vivid dream and i am not liking it one bit.

so innyhoo its saturday and im supposed to be at sentosa with pris but ah hem someone is still sleeping. #FOREVERALONE

going to find some food now haha have a wonderful saturday kidz

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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