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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

November 15th

a little update in my life.
  • starting to find myself again, gaining back my independence
  • exam's in a little more than 24 hours but i am #FOREVER DISTRACTED
  • today is an important date to me personally because im saying goodbye to an old habit that i've been trying to break for years (please dont take that too literally, yeah cause im mysterious like that)
  • i have kids.
  • as in tuition kids
  • they are really bratty, i dont think im going to be a good mother. i overdosed them on mentos and they just got up and did a hyperactive sugar high on me and just couldnt sit down. im never giving a single kid 5 mentos each ever again.
  • i doorbitched for a day for kinki bar and it was the easiest money i've ever made
  • after 5 years, i finally updated the music in my iphone. (Talk about drastic change)
  • and well let's just say, BEST DECISION OF THE YEAR EVER
  • best friend's got her own car, super chio red one and its funny how we end up at old haunts like simei and tampines even though her petrol is free hahaha old habits die hard
  • went to see my dad at mandai cuppa of days back since it was his birthday
  • saw a tablet for a baby who was only 3 days ago. his name is asher and i hope the parents are doing okay. my heart really goes all out to them. Please pray for them if you guys are reading this.
  • i cant believe im back to blogging. so much for swearing it off.
  • amused at how my fingers still fly across this keyboard (btw not mac anymore, iSad) it's like i never left
  • back to point 3, i wrote 3-4 long pages in my secret diary today and it's heartbreaking, i hope 30 year old me will look back and it and cringe not for the content but the handwriting only..
  • alright baibai im off to bed umm i mean study. yeah study is good. getting my degree in june 2012
  • speaking of 2012, DASHBOARD CONFESSIONAL IS COMING. im so excited imma jizz in my pants and your pants and her pants and his pants and ARGHHHHHH SO EXCITEDSSSDDFE DASHBOARD HERE I CUM

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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