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Monday, November 21, 2011

The third weekend of November

From catching up with old friends on friday's fred perry subculture night and hopping between zouk,velvet and winebar and feeling literally sick from the champagne to saturday's slumming out at the river el cheapo style and having the time of my life with my girls there bellowing out the ugliest words with lin's classic , "i was born with a microphone inside me ok" (something along that line) to members to watch my dearest zer swoon and stalk 2pm while the rest of us non-2pm fans just stood at the bar drinking to dancing for a full 15 mins at phuture before best and i decided ok too old for this already i think we are out of the dancing phase. BUT I LOVE TO DANCE. hahaha the weekend was fantastic. my friends are fantastic.

life has been so good to me and i would not trade it for anything else in this world.

today also marks my first stint at nike fashion show fitting and i got a first-hand glimpse into the life i want to lead. being a stylist is amazing, so clean and simple.
i cant wait for the show on the 1st of december, it's going to blow my mind.

Signed up for Yoga 8 lessons courtesy to groupon with bestie
and our first session is on wednesday so freaking stoked

November has been super.
I feel like change is upon all of us, me especially.

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maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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