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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

good times for a change


twas was a gooood tuesday day today with the exception of one thing
but let's for once, try not to dwell on the negativity here
weekend was pretty much perfect
slumming it out at the river
music at zouk was amazing
at the risk of sounding like a complete clubbersiao, i honestly cannot wait for friday to come
good company, abit of booze and dancing tunes
i think im happier when im 1 notch below sober

caught the devil inside with nick at cathay
i solemnly swear never to ever watch a nc-16 horror movie in town ever again
if you think the amount of kids and little ah lianz and bengs screaming in mock horror at EVERY SCENE was bad enough
try being subjected to the entire theatre's abuse when the ending didnt suit their little 16 year old minds.


fuck fuck fuck fuck all u hear is fucking going round the whole place

i thought the movie was brilliant and the ending suited the whole show.
i mean seriously, were you expecting the possessed people to go heaven or something?

down to fav brotzeit at 313 to meet up with ashwin
caught up awhile before we went back to bedok reservoir WAWAWA for dinz
food was super yummy
u guys shld try it out
dont bother drinking though
1 can of coke is 5.50++

back to nick's to laze around awhile
didnt feel like doing anything so we went to chit's at nsrcc to chill
place is not as gorg as in the day
and the plate of chicken wings cost poor nick 17 bucks (yea i know..)

back home cause i felt pretty sick
then suddenly bam
230 am saw me at cgh A&e
stayed there till 530 got my lungs xrayed

turned out to be nothing much and bammmmmmm $95 bill
which i have yet to pay
i dont know how im going to pay it
do hospitals send people over to knock on doors if payment's not in?
i scared.

so 2 hrs of sleep, meds knocked me out
and off to tuition again
got surprised
home-cooked lunch always tastes the best
i love sherprises!!!

hung ard ecp for a little while before i went back to K-o
i swear medicines will be the blessing and death of me
dinz at simpang w him and his bro

then off to camp he went!

so that was pretty much my perfect weekend.
have a good one gaiz

maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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