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Monday, May 07, 2012

i can safely say, with utter conviction that for the past 3 weeks, no one has been there the way you have been there to support me both physically and emotionally and words cannot express my gratitude towards God for the timing, the timing whereby the most marvelous surprises of all sorts happened, you chose to appear. Thank you for being my shopping buddy, my companion, my best friend and my boyfriend for the past 3 weeks. i dont think i've spent less than a day apart from you. all that 24/7 time together should make us wary and some long time ago, i decided i had to keep a part of myself to myself, for fear of reliance for fear of mishap. which didnt work out in the end, i am after all, most reliant on you and vice versa. what an unhealthy relationship we have!

but these feelings are of no importance anymore, i've seen for myself first hand, felt the strength and tranquil "solitude", the togetherness of being with you. With you by my side, it seems like i can truly go and live in this mad world. like plath, i feel trapped in a bell jar and you are my circulating air. you make me make sense of things and even when i feel let down by others, you make me feel like im not alone. and you assure me that with you around, i will never be alone. And i believe you. After all, havent you proved, with your existence that you truly have been there? you are never too busy for me.we always say words are nothing actions are what matters both but you do both, you more than do both for me. And i have slowly come to realize that.

so thank you, dear nick for being you. there is only one you and i will hold on to us as i hope you will hold on too. happy belated birthday darling. i love you. through every minor major and crappy event that has and may transpire in time to come, i will always hold on to you and i promise never to ever let you down again. and i pray you wont too.

owl owaez love yoo,


maybe we'll go too far,we just dont care

abt me.

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